Strong Demand For Titanium Sponge Titanium Sales Are Considerable

- Jun 05, 2018-

Strong demand for titanium sponge Titanium sales are considerable

Titanium: Titanium prices stabilized. According to informed sources, the current price of titanium ore was the same as that of the previous week, and shipments improved slightly. Traders gradually began to take goods from manufacturers. In the short term, the price of titanium ore will run smoothly. By May 25th, 46% of titanium in Panzhihua was quoted at 1,350 yuan to 1,400 yuan/ton, and 47% of titanium ore was offered at 1,300 yuan to 1,400 yuan/ton.

Titanium Dioxide: The market for titanium dioxide is consistent with the previous week, and demand is still weak. In the short term, the market transaction price will be dominated by a single discussion. As of May 25, the majority of domestic mainstream market price of sulfuric acid rutile and anatase titanium dioxide is in the range of 16 to 17800 yuan/ton and 13800 to 15000 yuan/ton (both including tax).

Titanium slag: The market price of acid slag is still “chaotic”. In comparison, the high titanium slag market is relatively stable. Companies mainly rely on the execution of orders.

Sponge titanium: The market price of titanium sponge is stable. It is reported that the demand for sponge titanium is strong in the market, and most companies are currently tight on the spot and have firm prices. To May 25, 1 # sponge titanium mainstream offer 59,000 yuan / ton.

Titanium: The sales volume of titanium materials is considerable. According to a titanium processing company in the north, the price of high-end titanium materials has remained stable, or it is mainly supplied by old customers.

Magnesium Ingots: Ferro-silicon prices have gone up, the price of magnesium ingots has been adjusted back, and coupled with the slowdown in downstream demand, magnesium ingot prices have slightly weakened.