The First Ten Months Of Panzhihua Iron And Steel Sponge Titanium Production In The Country

- Jan 15, 2019-

The first ten months of Panzhihua Iron and Steel Sponge Titanium production in the country

At the 2018 Supplier Conference held by a large domestic company, Panzhihua Sponge Titanium Branch stood out from many sponge titanium suppliers with its high quality products, good reputation and excellent service, and won the title of “Excellent Supplier”. .

Sponge titanium is the main raw material for the production of industrial titanium and titanium alloy. The sponge titanium is smelted to form a metal titanium material such as a titanium ingot or a titanium rod. At present, the demand for a series of titanium products based on titanium sponge has continued to grow in aviation, aerospace, shipbuilding, chemical, desalination and civil applications.

Panjiao Sponge Titanium Branch also produces steamed type I furnace for the production of titanium sponge. It is currently the largest type I furnace in China, with high production efficiency, high quality and high stability, which enhances the company's production capacity. As of the end of October, the company's sponge titanium production ranked first in the country, an increase of 10%, sponge titanium grade 0 and above products increased by 9.25%, product production and sales rate reached 100%. At the same time, the company successfully passed the domestic qualified titanium supplier qualified supplier review, ranked among the domestic sponge titanium enterprises, became the main drafting unit of the newly revised sponge titanium national standard, the industry's right to speak gradually improved; with mass production for aviation, The high-quality sponge titanium products in the high-end fields such as aerospace, medical and 3D printing have increased the popularity and market share of Panzhihua Steel Sponge Titanium in domestic and foreign markets.

After years of research, the company has built a large-scale titanium tooling equipment in China, providing high-quality raw material guarantee for high-quality low-cost sponge titanium production. At home and abroad, without the experience to learn from, the company concentrates its technical strength and overcomes the technical problem of the only streamlined magnesium electrolysis process in China. The low-cost, high-quality liquid magnesium production line runs stably, and the production cost industry is excellent.

Talents are prosperous. The company has always regard the construction of talent team as the strategic focus of development, based on core majors, exploring a new model of talent cultivation, and focusing on cultivating compound specialized technical talents and marketing talents. With the technical support of Panzhihua Iron and Steel Research Institute, it cooperates with well-known universities at home and abroad to develop production, learning and research cooperation. It has hired domestic sponge titanium industry experts to carry out major projects or project research, successfully solved three problems that restrict production, and newly developed high-end products. There are 2 sponge titanium varieties. Focusing on making large sales and building Pangang brand, we started product serialization, high-end and professional marketing. According to the concept of “visiting a customer and solving a problem”, we visited more than 30 customers to understand customer needs. On-site technical service is provided by customers using problems with titanium sponge products.

The person in charge of the company said that in the next step, it will continue to develop market-leading and customer-oriented products, and continuously develop domestically-leading mid-to-high-end products, and cultivate specialized sales and research and development and service teams of sponge titanium products to form a competitive management of agglomeration. Technology and marketing team to build the titanium steel brand of Panzhihua Iron and Steel.