The Largest Domestic Titanium Alloy Sheet For Marine Engineering

- Apr 29, 2018-

The largest domestic titanium alloy sheet for marine engineering

“In the domestic titanium processing enterprises, the Western Metal Materials Co., Ltd. prepared a large-sized titanium alloy plate with a width of 3.66 meters and a length of 12.53 meters. This is a great improvement and is of great significance to the construction of marine projects in China.” April 20, Academician Zhou Lian of the Chinese Academy of Engineering pointed out at the “4th National Conference on Preparation/Processing and Application of Non-Ferrous Metal Structural Materials” that this has a major bearing on the development of marine power and the building of a marine power to safeguard national sovereignty, security and development interests. Far-reaching significance.

Western Materials Co., Ltd. subordinate to Western Titanium Co., Ltd., as one of the leading enterprises in the domestic titanium and titanium alloy processing field, relying on the Northwest Institute of Nonferrous Metals (Group) in the titanium and titanium alloys in the field of R & D and manufacturing, while innovation , boldly trying to dare to make substantial or even subversive improvements to the original process, after two years of repeated trials and trials, has finally achieved a huge technological breakthrough, successfully developed the largest specifications of marine engineering titanium alloy sheet, and Create a domestic "Three of the best":

One is the largest homogeneous ingot. Overcome the preparation technology of ultra-high-profile homogenous titanium alloy ingots and adopt the vacuum consumable arc melting (VAR) process to prepare the first high-homogeneity low-gap TC4 titanium alloy ingots with a diameter of 1020mm and 12.8 tons in China. Its specification weight reaches the domestic first.

The second is the largest tonnage slab. Break through the forging technology of super-sized titanium alloy slabs with a high level of flaw detection at the 10t level, and prepared a high-quality TC4 titanium alloy slab with the largest unit weight (9.8t) in China. The finished slab has a thickness of 390mm, uniform microstructure, and ultrasonic flaw detection levels. Φ1.2mm-0~-3dB, the highest level in the country.

The third is the largest size sheet. Successfully prepared the largest size TC4 titanium alloy sheet with a width of more than 3500mm, with a net size of 42×3660×12530mm. The performance and organization of the TC4 titanium alloy sheet meet the requirements of the index and is at the international advanced level.

This time, Western Materials Co., Ltd. has created the largest “homogeneous” in the domestic titanium alloy processing field, including the largest homogeneous ingot, the largest tonnage slab, and the largest size sheet, which has greatly improved the processing and manufacturing level of titanium alloy materials in China. It will play an active role in promoting the transformation and upgrading of China's marine equipment and realizing the strategic deployment of ocean powers.

It is reported that this conference was sponsored by the China Nonferrous Metals Association. Over two days, more than a dozen academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering and more than 700 academicians and entrepreneurs from the nonferrous metal materials field attended the conference.