The Main Application Areas Of The Target

- Sep 20, 2017-

For display

Flat-panel display (FPD) over the years to significantly impact the cathode ray tube (CRT) -based computer monitors and TV market, will also drive ITO target technology and market demand. There are two kinds of i T O targets today. One is the use of nanometer state of indium oxide and tin oxide powder mixed sintering, one is the use of indium tin alloy target. Indium-tin alloy targets can be used to produce I T O films by DC reactive sputtering, but the target surface is oxidized to affect the sputtering rate and is not easy to obtain large-scale gold target. Now generally take the first method to produce I T O target, using L} I R F reactive sputtering coating. It has a high deposition rate. And can accurately control the film thickness, high conductivity, good consistency of the film, and the substrate adhesion and other advantages l. However, the target is difficult to manufacture, because indium oxide and tin oxide are not easily sintered together. The use of Z r O2, B i 2 O 3, C e O, etc. as a sintering additive, can be obtained from the theoretical value of 9 3% to 9 8% of the target, the formation of ITO film in this way the performance and additives Great relationship. Japanese scientists use B izo as an additive, B i 2 O 3 melts at 8 2 0 ° C, and the sintering temperature at 15 ° C is already volatilized, so that a relatively pure ITO target can be obtained under liquid sintering conditions The And the required oxide raw materials are not necessarily nanoparticles, which can simplify the pre-process. The rejection rate of I T O films obtained from such targets was 8. 1 × 1 0 n-c m, close to the pure I T O film resistivity. F P D and the size of the conductive glass are quite fire, the width of the conductive glass can even reach 3 1 3 3 _, in order to improve the utilization of the target, the development of different shapes of I T O target, such as cylindrical and so on. In 2000, the National Development Planning Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology in the "priority development of the information industry priority areas of the Guide", I T O large target also included.

For storage

In the storage technology, high-density, high-capacity hard drive development, the need for a large number of giant magnetoresistive film materials, CoF ~ Cu multi-layer composite film is now widely used giant magnetoresistive film structure. Magneto-optical discs need T b F e C o alloy target is still further development, with its manufacture of magneto-optical disc with storage capacity, long life, can be repeated without rubbing features. Nowadays, the magneto-optical discs developed with T b F e C o / T a and T b F e C o / Al have a Kerr rotation angle of 5 8 and T b F e Co f F a can be close to 0.8. After the study found that the low permeability of the target high AC partial discharge voltage l resistance strength.

The phase change memory (PCM) based on germanium antimony telluride shows significant commercial potential and is an alternative memory technology for NOR-type flash memory and partial DRAM markets, but is present on a faster, scalable road One of the challenges is the lack of a fully enclosed unit capable of producing a further reduction in the reset current. Reducing the reset current reduces memory power consumption, extends battery life and increases data bandwidth, which is a very important feature for today's data-centric, highly portable consumer devices.