Titanium Made Debut CCTV China Titanium Valley Attracted Attention

- Dec 07, 2017-

Western News Network November 26, CCTV "news studio", "Oriental Space" and other columns have broadcast the news "Man-meter submersible deep-sea full coverage of Made in China" Titanium "powerful", focused on the Baoji Titanium Group Self-designed and developed 4500 meters deep submersible titanium manned ball capsule. After the program aired, the Baoji Titanium Group led the Chinese titanium valley once again cause concern.


It is understood that the appearance of CCTV's 4500-meter deep submersible titanium man-made ball capsule by the Baoti Group independently designed and manufactured, with complete independent intellectual property rights, to achieve the localization of key components of China's deep-sea submersibles. During the development of manned ball cockpit, it has successively broken through the research and development of wide-width titanium alloy plate, the overall formation of titanium alloy hemisphere, the development of special welding wire, the welding of narrow gap, the electron beam welding of large titanium alloy, the heat treatment of spherical body and the deformation of processing A number of key technologies, in one fell swoop to fill a number of gaps in the field of domestic research and deep-sea titanium alloy, reached the international advanced level. Currently, the 10,000-meter submersible passenger compartment under development is also being developed and manufactured by Baotai Group independently. It is estimated that the 10,000-meter submarine simulated pressure test will be conducted in the first half of next year.

It is reported that after more than 50 years of development, Baotai Group has become China's largest specialized titanium and titanium alloy production base of rare metals research and development, domestic aerospace titanium with 90% of materials processed by Baoti Group, has For our material preparation and cutting-edge science and technology undertook more than 8,000 new materials trial production tasks, made more than 600 scientific and technological achievements.

At present, Baoji Hi-tech Zone brings together more than 500 titanium industry-related enterprises that take Baoji Titanium Group as the leading scientific research, production, processing, trade and circulation as one of the largest R & D and production bases for titanium and titanium alloys in China. "China Titanium Valley" has formed a complete industrial chain of "titanium sponge - titanium ingot - titanium processing material - titanium alloy material - titanium composite material - titanium material deep processing product", accounting for more than 60% of the total domestic production, about Accounting for 22% of the world's output. The new material production equipment represented by titanium, both in terms of technology and production capacity, is number one in China. Next, the Baoji Hi-tech Zone will focus on building the "Titanium Valley in China" with a view to building a titanium industry R & D and production base integrating scientific research, processing, manufacturing, testing, trading and exhibitions and speeding up R & D in high-end and civil fields. At the end, Baoji Titanium Industry will develop into a hundred billion industrial clusters, become the first-class, internationally renowned "China Titanium Valley."