Titanium Prices As A Whole Stable Titanium Dioxide In Short Supply

- Mar 17, 2018-

Titanium prices as a whole stable titanium dioxide in short supply

Titanium ore: Last week, the price of titanium ore was stable. The manufacturers had sufficient stocks on the eve of the Spring Festival and the market demand was weak. Internationally, due to the rise of domestic titanium mines, Vietnam ore increased by 50 yuan to 100 yuan/ton, while Vietnam minerals offer 240 dollars/ton, but the actual transaction price is slightly lower than the quotation. As of March 9, Panzhihua 46% titanium ore is offered at RMB 1,350 to 1,400 yuan/ton, and 47% titanium ore is offered at RMB 1300 to 1,400 yuan/ton.

Titanium dioxide: Recently, there are titanium dioxide dealers reflect that the domestic large-scale titanium dioxide production enterprises individual models of titanium dioxide are out of stock, the supply needs to wait in line, the company stopped production during the Spring Festival is basically no inventory, orders have shown a trend of supply in short supply. Until March 9, the majority of the domestic mainstream price of sulfuric acid, rutile and anatase titanium dioxide in the 1.6 million ~ 18,000 yuan / ton and 13,800 yuan to 14,800 yuan / ton.

Sponge titanium: this week, titanium sponge prices are stable. Most companies still execute pre-orders and suspend market quotations. Until March 9, Bao Titanium Huashen, Chaoyang Jinda, Shuangrui Wanji, Xinli Titanium Industry offered 1# sponge titanium of 55,000 yuan/ton, Zunyi Titanium Industry 1# sponge titanium 56,000 yuan/ton.