Titanium Tube Target Production Is Over

- Feb 27, 2018-

Titanium tube target production is over

Today a number of high-purity titanium tube target production is completed

Name: Titanium tube target

Implementation of standards: ASTM B 381 and related national standards (according to customer requirements)

The main type: tube target

Material Grade: Ti

Purity: 2N8-4N

Density: 4.51g / cm3

Reference Specifications (can be processed according to customer requirements): (OD) 70 × (ID) 56 × L (OD) 155 × (ID) 109 × L

(OD) 100 × (ID) 36 × L

This target applies to the industry: vacuum coating industry, glass industry, spectrum industry, solar industry, hardware industry.

Packaging: wooden box or according to customer needs.

Product Quality: Products by the Baoti Group Physics and Chemistry Experimental Center / Northwest Nonferrous Metal Research Institute and other authoritative quality inspection unit for testing.

The above is the product detailed reference information, if you have any questions about the product wholesale, the price, the factory, the type, the parameter, the picture, please contact us for the latest information. My company has long-term processing experience, improve the processing equipment, reasonable prices, we look forward to your call or E mail.

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