Western Materials And Enfie Sign Strategic Cooperation Agreement

- Mar 12, 2019-

Western Materials and Enfie Sign Strategic Cooperation Agreement

Western Materials (002149) announced on the evening of February 20th that in order to further expand the market of the company's products, and achieve professional complementarity and advantages integration with the cooperative enterprises, the company recently signed with China Enfei Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. ("Enfei Company") Strategic cooperation agreement.

After signing the strategic cooperation agreement, the two parties will give full play to their respective advantages in engineering application and special material manufacturing, and research and design, manufacture and engineering applications of rare metal materials and equipment around metallurgy, environmental protection and new energy applications. In-depth cooperation with localization and other aspects. It is reported that since 2007, the two sides have cooperated in the fields of titanium/steel composite plates, pipe fittings, tubular heat exchangers, multi-media mixing nozzles, nuclear liquid level protection tubes, etc., and have a good cooperation foundation.

According to the disclosure, Enfi is an international engineering service company with strong R&D strength and rich engineering experience in the fields of non-ferrous metallurgy, energy conservation and environmental protection, and new energy. It has five positions in consulting, design, construction, investment and operation. The company with integrated service capabilities has a comprehensive strength in the domestic leading position. The main business of Western Materials is the R&D, manufacturing and sales of rare metal processing materials, composite materials, equipment manufacturing and metal fiber filtration products. The company's comprehensive strength ranks at the domestic leading level.

Enfei said that it will assist the western materials and its subordinate units in the processing of rare metal processing materials, composite materials, special equipment and metal fiber filtration products in the above related fields by virtue of its influence in the fields of metallurgy, environmental protection and new energy. The promotion application, expanding the market share and market influence of its products, and guiding western materials into the emerging industries with potential applications.

Western Materials said that the cooperation with Enfi will help both parties to take advantage of their respective engineering applications and special materials manufacturing. In the future, they will work together to focus and professional strategic cooperation to promote the company's performance growth and enhance the company's brand awareness. The company's future development has a positive impact.