Titanium Tube Target for Vacuum PVD

Titanium Tube Target for Vacuum PVD

titanium tube target for Vacuum PVD The tube target is also called a rotating target. The rotating target is a magnetron target. The target is made into a cylindrical shape, and a static magnet is mounted therein to rotate at a slow speed.

Product Details

titanium tube target for Vacuum PVD

Basic Info

  • Type:Titanium Bars

  • Application:Industrial, Medical

  • Technique:Forged

  • Shape:Round

  • Purity:99.995%

  • Surface:Machine Plane / Polished

Product Description

Item Name
High purity Titanium (Ti) target
Flat/rotary target, according to your request
Available size
Round: Dia 25~300mm, Thickness: 3~10mm
Rectangular: Length up to 1500mm
Customization is available
ISO9001: 2008, SGS, The third test report
Vacuum Melting, Patented thermo-mechanical process

Product dimension:custom

Production process:Vacuum melting, hot isostatic pressing, machining processing

Aapplication:aerospace, microelectronics, optoelectronics,,Semiconductors and device,integrated circuits,optical coating,cars and glass decorative coating,flat panel display, magnetic storage and magnetic recording, solar photovoltaic (pv)

Service: bonding target to backing plate 

Package: vacuum packing

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