Titanium Gr.2 Forged Flanges

Titanium Gr.2 Forged Flanges

Titanium Gr.2 Forged Flanges

Product Details

Product Name: Titanium Flange_Titanium Alloy Flange

Material : TA1 TA2 TA3 TA9 TA10 TC4 TC11

Material standard: GB/T16598-2013, GB/T 25137-2010, ASTM B381

1. Common materials for titanium flange: TA1(GR1) TA2(GR2), TA9(GR7), TA10(GR12), TC4(GR5)

Pure titanium flange:

TA1/GR1 titanium flange (titanium content >=99.7%)

TA2/GR2 titanium flange (titanium content >=99.5%)

Titanium alloy flange:

TA9/GR7 titanium flange (titanium content >= 99.5%)

TA10/GR12 titanium flange (titanium content >=99.5%)

Common malfunctions

In the continuous production of modern industry, the flange is inevitably leaked due to the influence of medium corrosion, erosion, temperature, pressure, vibration and other factors. Leakage of the flange is easily caused by the error in the size of the sealing surface, the aging of the sealing element, and the improper installation and fastening. If the flange leakage problem cannot be dealt with in time, the leakage will rapidly expand under the scouring of the medium, causing the loss of materials and the destruction of the production environment, causing the enterprises to stop production and cause huge economic losses. If it is a toxic, harmful, flammable and explosive medium, it may cause serious accidents such as personnel poisoning, fire and explosion.

The traditional method for solving flange leakage is to replace the sealing element and apply the sealant or replace the flange and the pipe, but the method has great limitations, and some leakage is limited by the requirements of the work environment safety, and cannot be solved on site. . It is now possible to use polymer composite materials for on-site plugging, among which the more mature Fushun blue system is applied. It is an ideal method, especially in the case of flammable and explosive occasions, it also shows its unique superiority. The polymer composite technology technology is simple, safe, and low in cost. It can solve most of the flange leakage problems for enterprises, eliminate safety hazards, and save more maintenance costs for enterprises.

Flange application

Because the flange has good comprehensive performance, it is widely used in chemical engineering, construction, water supply, drainage, petroleum, light and heavy industry, refrigeration, sanitation, plumbing, fire protection, electric power, aerospace, shipbuilding and other basic projects.